Friday, January 29, 2010

How to Make Money by Destroying Nice Clothes

Business Description: The clothing industry is extremely large and extremely profitable. My guess is you have upwards of 20 different clothing brands in your closet, and your wife probably has twice that. Personally, I would estimate that my wife has 1011  more clothes than me. 

I knew a guy college who had 29 different belts. He also had about 10 suits. He was only 19 when I knew him, but he was on the phone a lot and I'm pretty sure Donald Trump worked for him.

I digress. My point is that people seem to wear clothing pretty much everywhere I've ever been, so its a good industry to get involved in. But there is more than one kind of clothing.

There is normal, ordinary working class clothing. Jeans in this category cost about $30. A decent shirt can be around $20-$40.

Then there is high fashion, "designer" clothes. Designer jeans usually cost about $300, and can go into the thousands.

Here is how you can get involved in this racket
1. Buy a normal pair of jeans at Wal-Mart
2. Buy some sandpaper
3. Scrape jeans with sandpaper until they are worn out and have several holes in them.
4. Sell jeans to some guy for $300

Side Question: Is there any other industry where this concept would work? What if a high end car dealer like BMW intentionally rear-ended all their cars with a bulldozer as they came off the assembly line? Then, just for a "comfortable feel" they dumped chips all over the interior and made the steering wheel sticky?* What if new furniture was marketed for being stained and wobbly?

*Is anyone else's steering wheel sticky, or is that just something that happens to my cars?

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