Thursday, January 28, 2010

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

If you want to make more money, why not live in the country with the highest average income?  That county would be Luxembourg, or as it's officially known, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.  With a population less than that of Albuquerque, the GD of L is the land of financial opportunity, especially in the sectors of banking, steel, and "industry".  As a Luxembourgian Industrialist, you would enjoy a higher average income than your American peers while consuming fine delicacies such as fried river fish, cooked cheese, and bouneschlupp.  You may also find it necessary to become trilingual, as most Luxemburgers speak French, German, and the made up language, Luxembourgish.  There are few left in the world that speak it, so learn that gibberish before it's completely forgotten.  There are technology opportunities too, as Luxembourg has recently caught on to the internet and its moneymaking potential, attracting internet startups and companies such as eBay and Skype.  In conclusion, though it is landlocked and bordered by Belgium, Luxembourg citizens enjoy a high quality of life and the highest average salaries in the world, so pack a bag, hop on a plane, and emigrate to Luxembourg!

Thanks to wikipedia for many of the trivial tidbits included in this post.

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