Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser television show is a hit!  People like to sit and eat ice cream while watching fat people on TV workout, cry, get mad, and loose weight.  What more do you need in a show?  Instead of gaining 500 pounds and trying out for Biggest Loser season 57, start your own biggest loser competition at your job.

Step by Step plan to make money from starting your own Biggest Loser competition.
1) Gain weight (this is usually pretty easy between October and December every year)
2) Complain to other people at work about your weight gain (this will allow you to find out other people that are disgruntled with their weight gain as well)
3) Get all of the disgruntled overweight people together and suggest you all start a biggest loser competition
4) Get each person to put $10 into the pot
5) Weigh everyone each week (for additional money, get each person to put an extra $1 into a weekly pot that goes to the person who loses the most money that week)
6) Lose weight (this is the most important step in the plan)
7) Give everyone else in the competition candy and cookies so they gain weight
8) Lose the most weight, win the money

This is a good idea that can be done every year.  Just make sure you gain a lot of weight during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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