Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Borrow a dollar

Looking for a quick way to make a dollar.  I think this is H2MAD's (howtomakeadollar) easiest and quickest idea yet.  Here's the step by step instructions:

1.  Locate person
2.  Ask to borrow a dollar
3.  When they give you a dollar, say thank you and put it in your pocket.

It's that simple.  It takes all of about 30 seconds.  If you end up doing this full time you will be making $120 an hour.  That works out to almost $250,000 a year.  All for "borrowing" a dollar.

This idea works best in front of vending machines.  You will probably have a higher success rate using people you know.  People are a lot more willing to let a friend "borrow" a dollar than some random person they have never met before.

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