Friday, December 18, 2009

Start a Blog

It seems like everybody is making money off the internet these days.  How can you too??? Start a blog!  All you need is a catchy name and something to write about.  Top notch blogs usually deal with something to do with the following: politics, religion, money, how to make money, hobbies, and families. 

If you have a controversial political or religious view, blog about it.  If you think global warming is a good thing that sould be supported... blog about it (Support The Warmth).  If you know how people can make tons of money from investing in biotechnology companies on the stock market... blog about it (Biotechdaytrader).  But, make sure you blog.  If there is nothing for people to read about, they won't come to your site (it can get a little boring reading the same post over and over).  Its easy to start a blog, but it does take some work to stay motivated.

Here's how to do it: go to come up with a catchy name (that has not already been taken), sign up, and blog.  Simple as that.  Then simply get thousands of people to visit your blog everyday and have companies pay you for everytime your blog is viewed.  Its free to start and you have the potential to make millions!

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