Thursday, December 17, 2009

How to Make Money by Making Islands out of Garbage

Business Name: Garbage Island Paradise Co.

Business Plan: 
1.Collect garbage from people for a fee.
2. Look around on Craigslist to see if anyone will let you borrow a barge for a few weeks. (A good rule of thumb for barge aquisitions is that bigger is always better)
3. Put the garbage into the barge
4. Drive the barge out into international waters, preferably somewhere warm
5. dump the garbage out
6. keep track of the location where you dumped it
7. repeat steps 3-5 until you have successfully built an island. I doubt this step will take very long.
8. Go to a beach at night
9. Dig up a barge load of sand
10. Dump the sand on top of the garbage island
11. Spread it around
12. Repeat steps 8-11 until garbage island is covered in sand
13. Plant palm trees on island
14. Get a bunch of coconuts and dead crabs.
15. Distribute them evenly around the island
16. Hire some women to walk around
17. Subdivide island and sell off portions of it to developers
18. Collect garbage generated by island tourists for a fee
19. Repeat steps 2-17 somewhere else.

Business Risks: Island floats away, Island smells like garbage

Profitability: This business works on many levels. First, you can make money by collecting garbage. Second, you can make money by selling island real estate.

Business costs: Sand can be expensive, which is why Howtomakeadollar recommends digging it up from beaches at night.

Feasibility Quotient: 94

As a side note:  some guy actually spend $16 billion making his own island (pictured below).

What was he thinking?  He would not be in such serious financial ruin right now if he had used peoples trash!

Additional option: There is an existing trash island?  Almost.  The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is growing!  Just get a big net or ball of yarn to link the trash together.  Its an island that will keep on growing!

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