Thursday, December 3, 2009

Million dollar ideas are overrated!

Stop trying to come up with "million dollar ideas."  This is an epiphany I had the other night as I was trying to come up with another million dollar idea.  I have a lot of million dollar ideas.  But unfortunelty I do not have one million dollars.

One of the ideas I had actually became a million dollar idea.  However, it was worth a million dollars for someone else.  Several years ago I had the idea to invent a Christmas tree star/angel that would be able to extinguish a fire if the tree ignited into flames.  For those of you who watched American Inventor (an American Idol type show except people competed to see how had the best invention) you would know that the winner of the one million dollar grand prize invented the Guardian Angel.  The Guardian Angel is an angel that goes on top of a Christmas tree that can put out a fire. 

The problem with my million dollar ideas is the fact that most of them require money.  Money is something that I do not have a lot extra of to put into my million dollar ideas.  And this seems to be the problem will all of my million dollar ideas, they are not making me any money; and they cost too much money to start.

So, I have officially given up on million dollar ideas.  My new philopsophy is to stop trying to come up with a million dollar idea and start coming up with a million $1 ideas!  Most $1 ideas do not cost any money to start.  This blog will be an attempt to document all of our $1 ideas.  Hopefully some of our ideas will make more than $1.  And for someone like myself that has lots of ideas, this is a great way to keep my creativeness flowing.  With my one million dollar ideas I keep getting hung up on how to fund my invention/business.  With all of our $1 ideas, this worry will be eliminated and things can start happening.  I would much rather have several $1 ideas then nothing at all.

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