Thursday, July 8, 2010

Make money by finding treasure!

Howtomakeadollar is ecstatic to announce we have entered into a new world.  A world of hope, excitement, mystery, and fulfillment all rolled into a nice little package wrapped in rainbow colored bacon!  The wold of Treasure Hunting!

Howtomakeadollar is a proud owner of a brand new Bounty Hunter Quick Draw 2!  This exquisite metal detector is the key to our future fortune.

People loose things all of the time.  That is a scientifically proven fact.  Everyone reading this has lost something in their life time.  Most likely it is something of value.  The best way to measure the value of something is based on its metal content.  The more metal something is made out of, the more valuable it is.  Also a scientific fact.  And the best way to find lost metal is by using a metal detector!

Howtomakeadollar is also proud to announce that we did not go into debt to buy this tool of investment. This tool of investment (aka our metal detector) was purchased from funds obtained through howtomakeadollars numerous and very profitable ventures.  

Howtomakeadollar is going on a special treasure hunting trip next week to an exotic tropical location to do some serious metal detecting.  We will keep you updated on the treasures we uncover!

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