Sunday, July 18, 2010

Make Money by Adding Sugar to Water

A proven strategy for making big money is taking water, sugar, and food coloring, and adding them together. A few artificial flavors mixed in doesn't hurt either. Here is a list of just a few of the companies that have profited from sugar water

Coca-Cola - Last year's revenue - $31 billion
Arizona Beverage Co. - Last year's revenue - 2.5 billion
Pepsi - Last year's revenue - 44.3 billion
Dr Pepper Snapple Group - Last year's revenue - $5.531 billion
Hansen Natural Corp. - Last year's revenue - 1.14 billion
Red Bull GMBH - Last year's revenue - 3.3 billion

There you have it. Between these six sugar-water companies you have an annual revenue of $84.471 billion. Or, written out, you have a revenue of $84,471,000,000.00. I did not add the Red Bull GMBH revenue to this figure because it is European, and I have no idea how many dollars 3.3 billion is. I don't even know what that symbol means. It could be play money for all I know.

I have not included several major sugar-water brands like Lipton, Kool-Aid, and Hawaiian Punch because they are brands owned by large conglomerates such as Unilever and Kraft, not actual companies. Obviously there are tons of smaller brands of sugar water, and 10 different generic brands for every major brand. I think its safe to say that the sugar water industry is worth at least $100 billion annually, probably closer to $200 billion. 

There is nothing stopping you from getting into this market. Just think up a flavor, then dump it in a bottle full of sugar water.

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