Saturday, July 3, 2010

Make Money by Being a Wardrobe Consultant

Today I saw one of those public bulletin boards where people can advertise various things like lost pets, businesses, and whatnot, and I found a business card for a wardrobe consulting business. I have heard of wardrobe consultants, but I'm a little bit unclear about what exactly they do, and who pays them. Nonetheless, I am absolutely certain that this is a high paying and important job. Why? Because the word "Consultant" is a prominent part of the business name. I mean, what if the person was just a wardrobe? I would never even think of hiring them. But a consultant? Well, thats a totally different thing that I would never think to hire.

Like I said, I don't really know what exactly a wardrobe consultant does, nor do I have any desire to hire one. My wardrobe, such as it is, does not need any consultations. If I did hire a wardrobe consultant, probably the first thing they would say is "you need more socks and all your t-shirts are stupid." So like I said, I'm not really the kind of guy who is likely to hire a wardrobe consultant.

But that doesn't mean wardrobe consulting is a bad idea. On the contrary, I think its a great idea that you, or someone else, other than me, should do.  I imagine it is pretty easy. Just show up and ask to see your client's wardrobe. Most people, if they are like me, will say "Do you mean the closet?" If they say this, you should inform them that you are not a closet consultant, and walk away. Closet consulting is beneath you, and it is a rather ambiguous job title. Does it mean that you are a consultant, but only in secret, and you don't want anyone to know about it?

Somewhere in there you should get paid handsomely.

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