Monday, July 12, 2010

Start a Business Training Skilled Dogs

Everybody knows about Seeing Eye dogs right? And I'm sure you've heard of drug sniffing dogs and bomb sniffing dogs too. These are dogs that are trained from birth to reliably perform complex tasks that help make life better for their owners. I think Seeing Eye dogs are incredibly fascinating. The other dogs are just sniffers. Thats a tough skill that requires a lot of training, but a Seeing Eye Dog has to learn to think and see like a human. They are amazing. Other dogs are trained to identify peanuts for people with severe allergies. When I came back from an undisclosed South American nation there were fruit sniffing beagles all over the Miami airport, sniffing for fruit. I don't really know why the customs people were so concerned with fruit, but, those beagles were finding it everywhere. These dogs cost thousands of dollars. The people who train them can make big money.

Well, enough about all of that. You probably don't know the first thing about how to train these kinds of expert dogs. What you need to do is get dogs who can find stuff without any training whatsoever. To do that you need to specialize in a select variety of people. For example, some people are afraid of heights. Well, most dogs are afraid of heights too. Put 100 dogs on the edge of a cliff and every single one of them will get off the edge and back to safety. There. Now you have a "Heights Finding Dog." You can sell it to people who are afraid of heights, and it will save their lives and you will be a hero and a millionaire.

There are lots of bizarre fears that people have, and dogs can solve most of them. I've posted a list below

Felinophobia- Fear of cats
All dogs would be good at this one. If the dog finds a cat, not only will he alert the owner by barking and going crazy, but he will even chase the cat from the premises. Most of these dogs will also perform complementary squirrel elimination as well. This is a value added service. Most bomb sniffing dogs will simply identify the problem, not eliminate it. A cat sniffer goes the extra mile. I actually know a woman who is afraid of cats. No joke. She is terrified of them.

Helminthophobia- Fear of being infested with worms.
No kidding. This is a real phobia that people have. I had never thought of being infested with worms until I heard of this phobia, but now that I think about it, its actually quite terrifying. I don't really know how dogs could eliminate the threat of a worm infestation, but I bet they would bark a lot, and alert you that a herd of worms were coming your way.

Hypengyophobia - Fear of responsibility
Again, dogs wouldn't necessarily be able to eliminate all responsibility from your life, but dogs are extremely lazy, so they would at least commiserate with you about it. Again, this is a real fear that some people have. Not made up.

Russophobia- Fear of Russians- I don't know how to get a dog to detect Russians, but man, this would have been really useful back when Russian spies were a big deal.

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