Saturday, July 31, 2010

Make Money by Scalping Sports Tickets

People in the U.S. love attending championship sports events, but tickets are usually impossible to find, and are always bought up early by big corporations that use them as gifts to clients. This makes it really hard for average fans to get their tickets. 

Playoff tickets are hard to buy ahead of time because nobody knows which teams will be advancing to the playoffs until the last few days of the season. Well, Major League Baseball has created a program for buying ticket reservations ahead of time, before the actual events. You can reserve some tickets for your team right now, before they even qualify for the playoffs. Then, if they do qualify, you can buy the tickets at their regular price. This system enables ordinary fans to buy tickets for their favorite team before the tickets are snatched up by others. Of course, the reservation costs money, so you probably don't need to bother reserving tickets for the Orioles or the Royals right now, but it would probably be worthwhile for teams that are well in front of their divisions like Rangers, or maybe the Braves. 

Once you get your ticket you can either use it to attend the game, or stand around outside the event and scalp it to some sucker who didn't know about the reservation system

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