Friday, August 13, 2010

Adsense vs. Admarketplace

Most people have heard about Googles Adsense.  It is by far and away the best way for a small time blogger to make money.  Unfortunately for those who have been following howtomakeadollar over the past several months, you would know that we no longer use Google's Adsense because we have been deemed a "significant risk" to google and their customers.  We have been blacklisted by Google.  Ever since our falling out with Google we have been on a mission to find a new source of revenue for our blog.

You may notice there are new "Adsense" like advertisements at the top of our blog.  The ads are provided by Admarketplace.  So far no one has clicked on the ads... which isn't surprising because telling people to click on our google ads got us blacklisted in the first place.  So, I am not telling you to click on the ads at all.  The purpose of this blog is to highlight an alternative to Google's Adsense.  So, only click on an advertisement you are interested in.  Do not "invalidly" click on the ads!

If you would like to help increase the revenue of howtomakeadollar... feel free to donate to us using the convenient button on the top right of this website!


  1. It's crazy. Sometimes it's best not to bother with ads if you have to struggle with such crazy things as invalid clicks and worry about being blacklisted. I use Google Adsense through publishing services rather than my own blog. Especially when it's not getting many visitors.

  2. Is this a piss take?
    How to make a dollar?
    Like you would know!


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