Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Who Will Take Care of Your Pets When the Sun Explodes?

Who will take care of your pets when the sun explodes?

You may have heard that scientists fully expect the sun to explode sometime later this evening or tomorrow. This is true. Howtomakeadollar is not lying. Read about here.

Ok, so now that you have read about it and have come to grips with this Tragic New Reality, you are no doubt trying to get your priorities straightened out for the next few hours. Do you have a lot of errands to run? Are you in the middle of some important stuff that can't wait? Maybe you were hoping to make some last minute fantasy baseball trades? If so, then you don't really have time to worry about the fate of your pets during the Supernova of 2010 do you?
A supernova is coming. Are your pets prepared?

Fortunately Howtomakeadollar offers Supernova Pet Insurance. If you are vaporized into a puff of carbon by a supernova, or are otherwise left incapacitated by a supernova, Howtomakeadollar will see to it that your pets are well fed and watered as they live out their final days on the wisps of smoke emitted by the annihilation of the solar system as it darkens, cools and slowly collects itself into an interstellar gas cloud.

You probably think that such a policy would cost billions of dollars, but Supernova Pet Insurance doesn't have to be expensive. For a limited time Howtomakeadollar is issuing Supernova Pet Insurance for $1.00 per pet. This is an absolute steal. Will you do that for your pet? Think about how Muffy will feel when she is blinded by a searing solar flare an instant before the entire world catches on fire and is condensed into a ball of metallic gasses. Without Supernova Pet Insurance she will feel frightened, hopeless, and alone.

For $1 you can get an official Howtomakeadollar Supernova Pet Insurance Policy. Your policy will guarantee your pet's safety and survival in the event of a supernova.


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