Thursday, August 26, 2010

Modern Begging

Tonight as I was walking from the grocery store to my car some high school kid asked me if I had a dollar. Which I replied "No."  I'm assuming he wanted me to give him a dollar, even though he only asked me if I had a dollar.  I did not have a dollar, so my answer was correct.  Even if I did have cash, I would not have given it to him.  I do not support just giving someone money.  All he needed to do was come to howtomakeadollar and see all of our successful ways to earn $1.  Or he could have simply walked in the grocery store and filled out a job application.

Anyways, people begging for money need to get with the times.  People do not carry cash on themselves anymore.  I never carry cash, I only have credit cards.  So, if the high school kid would have said to me "I would like a dollar... oh by the way, I accept all major credit cards."  If he would have told me he accepts credit cards... I would have given him a dollar.

So, if you are planning on begging for money, make sure you get a credit card scanner.  This will definitely increase your revenue!

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