Sunday, August 22, 2010

Save $78,296.40

It is a fact that everyone eats.  Well, at least if you want to stay alive it is very important that you eat.  It is also a fact that most people work.  And for 83% of all of the working population, lunch time is the best part of the day!  Howtomakeadollar would like the 83% of you reading this blog to enjoy your lunch even more.  How can you do this you may ask.  Simple... by saving money!  Saving money is almost as good as making money!

Step by step plan to save money

1.  Get a job

2.  Eat lunch

3.  Monday: Eat at McDonalds**: cost $4.35* (4 items off of the dollar menu)

4. Tuesday: Eat at Subway: cost $9.01 (foot long subway melt with combo deal)

5.  Wednesday: Eat at KFC: cost $6.23 (#4 box lunch meal deal)

6.  Thursday: Eat at CiCi's pizza: cost $5.34 (ALL YOU CAN EAT!)

7.  Friday: Eat at Panera: cost $8.53

8.  Stop doing step numbers 3-7

9.  Bring your own lunch to work.

Stopping steps 3-7 and adhering to step 9 will save you $78,296.40 over your career.

*Taxes may vary by location, howtomakeadollar is not a certified tax consultant***
**McDonalds is a great and wonderful place... along with being one of the coolest places in the world, it is a great place to snag free change!  People forget to pick up their change from those fancy change dispenser machines all the time!  Remember: finders keepers
***Howtomakeadollar will become your very own certified tax consultant for only $1!

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