Sunday, August 8, 2010

Breaking News: Sun Fails to Explode! Supernova Insurance Prices Hit Bottom

A few days ago scientists were convinced that the sun was about to erupt and completely annihilate the solar system. The Howtomakeadollar Insurance Group saw this as a golden opportunity to sell supernova pet insurance, which has been one of our lesser known insurance lines for a long time. As with supernova scares of the past, the market reacted very favorably to our press release (read it here).

However, it seems that the sun did not explode, and our solar system was not instantly sublimated into a dusty interstellar nebulum. For this reason, Howtomakeadollar forecasts a relatively quiet market for the next several billion years until the next supernova scare flares up. However, scientists unanimously believe that the sun will someday explode. For this reason we plan to continue offering our Supernova Pet Insurance policies to any interested parties at a low rate.

This policy will guarantee your pet's comfort, long term care, and survival in the event of a supernova. The policy will allow you to rest peacefully, knowing that even if you, your planet, and your solar system are decimated by a supernova, your dear pet Muffy will be provided with food, water, and, most importantly, Love for the duration of her life.
Supernova Pet Insurance prices have fallen through the floor. Now is the best time to ensure that your pet will be safe even if you die in a fiery galactic explosion.

Policies are $1 per pet.
Your card will look like this, with your pet's name
Who will take care of your pet when the sun explodes?

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