Saturday, August 21, 2010

Making Money with Food Part 4: Sell food at a fair

Today's blog is part of a series of blogs about how to make money with food-based businesses. To read the whole series, click here.  

A really good way to make money is to sell things at Fairs.  Fairs are fun and EXPENSIVE.  For some reason whenever people go to Fairs and/or Carnivals* they spend money.  Tons of money.  It usually costs about $4 for a 30 second ride.  Along with the rides being expensive, the food is ridiculously expensive.  I was blown away by the fact that "fresh squeezed" lemonade cost $6.  The "fresh squeezed" lemonade consisted of 95% ice, 4% water, and 1% Countrytime lemonade mix.  

Also a good thing to sell.... food on a stick!  Everyone knows food always tastes better on a stick.

*Is there a difference between a Fair and a Carnival?

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