Saturday, September 25, 2010

Snagged another $5 from swagbucks

Several months ago we blogged about making money searching the internet using swagbucks.  The first two weeks we used swagbucks we made $5.  Not too bad for going to swagbucks instead of google to search the internet.  

Our latest $5 took us a little bit longer this time.  Like most of our ideas... we started out strong, had our expectations set too high, lost interest, got sad, stopped trying.  We didn't totally stop trying, just slowed down on our swagbuck searching.  But, after 3 months of searching using swagbucks we got $5 more dollars!

If you are interested in signing up... sign up under us to help us promote pyramid schemes... SIGN UP HERE!.  If you are interested in becoming our facebook friend... friend us here!

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