Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hippie Pothead Steals Idea, Burns Toast

Well, I suppose it was inevitable that someday some goofy jamoke would get rich off an idea that was first published here. I just didn't expect it to be a hippie, and I didn't expect it to be Jesus toast. It serves us right for offering our brilliant and innovative ideas for free, and being too lazy to actually do anything with them.

In any case, on February 17th, 2010, we published a blog about making money by selling toast that looks like Mary or Che Guevara or Abe Lincoln. We also suggested modifying a toaster to make these images appear.

Well, today someone did just that: I give you
This man wants to sell you a Jesus toaster. He is serious.
You may also be interested in knowing that he sells pot toasters too. Errr, that is, toasters that make pot leaves appear on bread. Not really meant for toasting pot, although I'm sure he's tried it, and I would guess that he liked it. Again, this is not a joke. Its a real product.

On his website, he says he thought of the idea in "the spring of 2010." The spring of 2010 of course followed shortly after we posted our blog about the idea, and I'm just going to assume he took our idea and ran with it, and never even gave us a shoutout.

Well anyway, we never actually made the toaster, and he did. We never patented the idea, and he did. We never took the risk of ordering a major production run of these toasters, and he did. We never issued a massive media blitz about it, and he did. So it looks like capitalism, ambition, and resourcefulness always win. I'm surprised it was a hippie who possessed all these qualities, but more power to him.

BTW, I'm not just calling him a hippie because he looks like a hippie and sells pot leaf toast. He says right up front that he's a hippie. Plus he lives in Vermont, so I think its a fair assumption from the get go. 

Again, the place to go for all your specialty toasting needs and desires is


  1. Hey guys, yours is the best story yet... couldn't stop laughing. Seriously though I truly didn't steal the idea from you'all but I will read your site from now on to see what I can steal. It was Christmas 2009 the idea came to me and I formed the company that spring. Also... all this publicity came from one personally written press release and 300 bucks for an internet service to post it.

    PS It has only been the last three days my wife hasn't given me any weird looks for spending the kids college fund on Jesus Toasters.

  2. NFL logo toasters have been out.more than 3 years. Same for a pirate ,a smile face ,a snowflake,a doughnut, a coffee cup.And on and on Just google novelty toasters.From what Ive read hello kitty has been out more than 3 years. Thats where he said the idea came from. You were a day late and a lot of dollars short with "your" idea.Seems like a pretty large bunch of envy and sour grapes.I thought all the hippys live in San Francisco o

  3. Pardon me but,
    Begging and "selling" "free stuff' as your best income stream. Your mom must be so proud Maybe that guy will let you sell toasters, Oh ya thats right you said you are too lazy. I had this idea for an eraser on a pencil but someone stole it.

  4. Gallen... I'm glad you enjoyed our post. Thanks for honoring us with your presence on our site! How are the toasters selling? If you make a lot of money and want to donate money to us, we'll take it. I hope you get your kids college fund money back and then some! Keep us updated on how things are going. If you need some additional advertising in the future, let us know and for only $1 we'll post another blog about your Jesustoasters!


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