Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Please Do Not Implicate Me in Court if Your Stock Trading Scam Gets You Arrested

 A long time ago, Howtomakeadollar suggested making money by tinkering with financial markets and stock exchanges until a financial bubble forms and lots of money comes out.

Today, a guy in France named Jerome Kerviel who followed our advice got slapped with a fine of $6.7 billion.  Apparently it is illegal to create a massive framework of fictitious stock trades in order to inflate an artificial financial bubble across the entire European financial market. Who knew? Those silly Euroweenies are always regulating everything right when it starts getting fun.

Kerviel makes approximately $3,150.00 per month as a computer consultant, so according to this yahoo news story, it will take him 177,536 years to pay back his fine. That pretty much means he's never going to pay it, and every cent he earns will be automatically deducted into his fine.

That means he has zero incentive to work, which means he will be collecting welfare for the rest of his life, which means that a computer consultant and financial genius is going to stop working and start collecting welfare, and the European Union is going to have to eat its own fine. Kind of a weird situation. Here's hoping we don't get implicated in any of it.

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