Friday, October 8, 2010

Blogsvertise is actually paying us money!

Ever since howtomakeadollar was blacklisted by Google Adsense, we have been trying to come up with a new source of advertising revenue from our blog.  With Google Adsense, we "made" $107 in two weeks, but most of these were from "suspected invalid clicks" so therefore did not count.  So, we have been paid and will be paid $0.00 from Google Adsense.

Blogsvertise recently paid us to post this blog.  Blogsvertise agreed to pay us $1.50 each time the link was clicked on and the reader entered their zip code.  Apparently only one person did just that.  But, one person equals $1.50.  So for about 10 minutes of effort, we were able to get paid $1.50.  Not too bad!

A lot of people have been coming to our website from googling "Blogsvertise" or "Blogsvertise scam".  If you are one of those people than know this... blogsvertise will pay you.  They may only give you about one assignment every two months or so, and then take two months to pay you... but they will pay you... which is more than we can say from our experience with Google Adsense.

Total revenue so far from blogsvertise: $22.10

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