Sunday, October 31, 2010

How to save $9 on Chipotle burritos on Halloween

Every Halloween Chipotle does a promotion to get people to come and eat their yummy food.  Last year, all you had to do was dress like a burrito (i.e. have at least one square inch of tin foil on you) and you got a free burrito!  This year the theme was anti-processed food.  Howtomakeadollar is not anti-processed food... in fact we support and love processed food!  Without processed food we would all most likely be either dead by now or 50 pounds lighter.

Instead of free burritos, Chipotle was selling $2 burritos.  Thats an average savings of $4.50 per burrito.  Not too bad!  Howtomakeadollar dressed up like processed food and went to Chipotle.  Some people didn't seem to get the memo that the theme had changed this year from dressing up like a burrito to being anti-processed food.  Chipotle didn't care though.  They were giving $2 burritos to everyone.

Howtomakeadollar as I mentioned supports processed foods and by dressing up like one of our favorite processed food... we were able to advertise for one of our favorite restaurants while getting a $2 burrito.  Our dressing up consisted of taping trash to a piece of paper and pinning it to our shirt.  By the way, the McRib consumed for the purpose of making this costume was phenomenal!

So next halloween, be sure to stop by Chipotle with some trash pinned to your shirt or a small piece of tinfoil and you will surely get a discounted burrito!

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