Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to Make Billions of Dollars Without Paying any Taxes

Some jerk who I have never associated with, and who is not in any way associated with any of the prestigious people who contribute to the Howtomakeadollar cause, recently wrote an article which claims that labor unions pay no taxes in the United States. The jerk face clown author who I do not know says they are tax exempt 501(c)5 organizations and don't have to pay taxes. I don't personally believe it, simply because the government is ALWAYS trying to tax people more, and there is no way in the world they would let a whole category of organizations avoid taxes. You can read the no good bogus terrible piece of garbage racist war mongering thing by clicking on this wretched link.

Especially since they are so rich. Labor unions bring in billions of dollars every year, so I am absolutely certain that the government must be taxing them out the nose, because the government has spent the past three and a half years talking about taxing the rich and so on. Well, if labor unions have so much money, then they must certainly be paying high taxes, so I don't believe whoever the guy was who said they don't pay any taxes.

He also says they are allowed to monopolize entire sectors of the economy. No way that is true. Monopolies and trusts are bad. Then he said they are allowed to threaten and intimidate people without being prosecuted. That can't be true either.

So anyway, if you want to make billions of dollars without paying taxes on it, I don't know what to tell you. That is illegal in the United States. Only a corrupt place like Russia or China would allow something like that to happen, so move there.

A good way to make billions, though, whether taxed or not, would be to create an organization that takes money directly out of people's pay checks, and tells them that their business executives are evil and will stop paying them altogether, and you are only taking a small cut of the people's pay, and they should thank you for your great work. That would probably make you a couple bill.

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