Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Men's Wedding Band

One of Howtomakeadollar's erstwhile contributors recently launched which sells men's wedding bands that are bullet proof. In a video posted at, the ring is hit with a big sledge hammer, driven over by a truck, used as a chain to tow a car, and blasted with a shotgun against a cement block. The ring stays in good shape throughout all the abuse.

If you are on the market for a new wedding band, give the thing a look. The ring is stainless steel, and made to look like a high grade nut or bolt head. The site already has several positive comments from people who have worn the ring. It is certainly a revolutionary design that I've never seen before. Go have a look!


  1. That is something a very incredibly designed ring, i think the idea is cool!!

  2. Stainless steels are the most preferred for the making of tools and related equipment. steels have many grade and this type of bullet proof steel may comes into two type of grade that is:-
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    Stainless steel grade 420
    these are also used for making defensive items like bullet proof jackets, car and many more things.
    this is not only the limitation of steel for making nut and bolt, but also used for many purpose.
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  3. This wedding ring looks very manly and attractive. If worn in the right hands, then these will look good. Taking into consideration that a man's ring is exposed to more wear and tear as compared to a women's ring. Here are a few more options to see beautiful wedding rings for men.


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