Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dollar Art

Several months ago, howtomakeadollar published a post about how to make money from selling the original dollar bill designed by Pablo Picasso.  The wonderful blog post is here if you want to read it.  This was one of our most successful and valuable sales.  The masterpiece sold within several hours of the post being published.

It looks like someone out there doesn't think Pablo Picasso's dollar bill design isn't good enough.  So they decided to make it "better."  Below is an example of what they are doing to turn a dollar into a new masterpiece.

So if you are a ridiculously famous artist, you should be able to easily doodle on a dollar bill, sign it, and then sell it for $2.  100% is a pretty good return on your investment.  Worst case senario, you can take the $1 to McDonalds and buy ANY size drink.  Or even better, you could take it to the bank and cash it in for pennies.

You can see more dollar bill designs here:

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