Friday, December 3, 2010

Another stolen idea

So it looks like howtomakeadollar is full of good ideas.  One of our ideas... which we actually didn't blog about because we were working out the details of our idea... was to start a website called "whatwillyoudoforadollar."  Kind of a long name and not very catchy... but the idea behind the website would be to have people post things they are willing to do for $1 and/or post things they are willing to pay people to do for $1.

Well... it looks like this idea has been stolen from us!  Somehow, even though we never blogged about it, someone found out about our idea and made it better.  Sort of the like the pot head guy and the jesus toaster.  The better/cooler/very well executed website that stole our idea is FIVERR.COM

They one-uped us by charging $4 instead of $1... and they actually created a cool website... we did not.

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