Friday, January 21, 2011

Make Money by Suing McDonald's

It seems that McDonald's has a history of being sued by its customers.  McDonald's has been sued for making their coffee too hot, making kids want their happy meal toys too much, and for making people fat.  It seems like everyone is suing McDonald's.  It must be the cool thing to do.

Since howtomakeadollar is in negotiations to be sponsored by McDonald's... we don't want to see McDonald's loose any lawsuits.  But most likely we will get more money from winning a lawsuit against McDonald's than being sponsored by them.

As regular McDonald's patrons, we have noticed a disturbing trend at McDonald's.  McDonalds is trying to stay up on the competition (as if there is any... nothing can come close to McDonald's) by offering ice coffee drinks and smoothies.  Many people seem to be enjoying these iced coffee drinks and smoothies.  How do we know?  Because it is SO RIDICULOUSLY LOUD!

Seriously, the noise from the huge blender that grinds these drinks into a nice liquid form is unbelievable.

So here's the plan...

1) Get a job at McDonald's

2) Volunteer to work at the smoothy/ ice coffee bar

3) After one week of work SUE MCDONALD'S for your loss of hearing

4) Collect a lot of money

5) Eat McDonald's food, get fat, spill coffee and sue them several more times

6) optional step: while working at McDonald's during the Monopoly campaign take off all of the stickers until you get something good.


  1. the fat kid in the picture looks like the Michiellan Tire spokesmen. I hope he choked to death.. good job parents

  2. that is one intense comment... I was going to make fun of the picture too but now that I read the preceding comment I kind of feel bad for the kid.

  3. Chubby kids make it easier for Catholic Priests to catch them!

  4. That kid is going to be a sumo wrestler when hes older. Guaranteed


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